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Do More With Your Money

Oct 21, 2019

Are you interested in planning for your child's education savings? Then this podcast episode is for you!

In this episode, I discuss the different ways to save for your child's education. Including the benefits of education savings accounts, such as a 529 plan, which has tax benefits when used for qualified expenses.

I also discuss the basics of planning for potential financial aid. It's important to not trigger unnecessary taxes during the lookback period for the expected family contribution (what is used for financial aid calculation). 

This episode is a framework for the basics of education planning and will vary drastically depending on your unique goals and how far away your child is from needing their education savings.

As with any financial goal, the earlier you start the better! When it comes to education savings, there ARE ways to lessen the burden!

Be sure to stay tuned in until the end where I share my personal opinion on the return on investment as it relates to higher education.