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Do More With Your Money

Jan 5, 2020

On this guest podcast episode, José Hernandez aka The Millennial Money Mentor (as he goes by on Instagram) joins me to talk about the future of financial education and personal branding.

In this episode, we discuss José's journey of navigating some of the pitfalls of corporate wealth management while trying to build a platform focused on educating the next generation of investors.

If you've ever come across José on Instagram (@themillennialmoneymentor) you'll find he puts out a massive amount of valuable content focused on educating millennials on personal finance and investment concepts.

I appreciate José's candor and straightforward approach. It's refreshing to follow someone who has had real-world experience in the day to day operations of wealth management.

Don't hesitate to reach out to José directly via Instagram (@themillennialmoneymentor) as he's always willing to share ideas and engage!