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Do More With Your Money

Jul 13, 2020

Financial planning is a relatively new profession that can take on a variety of meanings. 

The term "financial planning" is also often abused by corporations as a means to sell expensive financial products.

In this podcast episode, I discuss what financial planning means to me, and ultimately, what the end goal is.

Financial planning is advice-centric, meaning it's about providing recommendations unique to your situation and long term goals.

Financial planning is the use of technical knowledge to maximize your financial resources to create the life you want.

Creating the life you want could mean:

  • Buying back your time (financial independence)
  • Taking care of the people you care about
  • Material Items (Cars, Houses, etc.)
  • Leaving a legacy

Since we don't know what the future holds, financial planning is about putting you in a position to accomplish your goals regardless of future market returns, tax rates, economic environments, and things we have zero control over.

By making strategic decisions and keeping realistic assumptions, we can put the odds of success in our favor!